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Every year, our global offices come together to raise funds and awareness for cancer care as part of the global Relay For Life initiative.

This year we are launching the "I hope for..." campaign because we hope for a better future for cancer patients and their families. Cancer is an illness that knows no boundaries and affects so many of us on a personal level. 

We have focused our fundraising efforts to help cancer patients in the countries where we operate. In the past two years, Airswift raised nearly $75,000 USD in donations to support cancer organizations around the world.

This year, our target is $50,000 USD and we plan to achieve this via regional events and donations from our business partners.

Team Americas
Team CIS
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Fundraising Target - $20,000 USD
Event Torchbearers - Danny Weinberg, Chris Marland, Michael Diamond and Amy Rowland

Donate to Cancer Research UK (EMEA/Ducatus)
Donate to Friends of Cancer Patients
Donate to Cancer Research UK (London)


  • Team EMEA & Ducatus will be raising money for Cancer Research UK by taking on a one day mini triathlon, known as the 3 W's, in lovely Snowdonia on 21st September. These include a water based challenge, an 8-10 mile walk and a 4 mile cycle ride
  • The Manchester office will host a pool tournament, bake sale, quiz night, mini golf and table tennis competition
  • Our London Office will be participating in a 10k walk around the boundary of the City of London
  • In France, the team will be undertaking  a 6 hour tour through the most beautiful places in Paris on 28th September with funds also going towards our European recipient Cancer Research UK. 
  • Employees in the Middle East will be hosting a variety of events to raise money for Friends of Cancer Patients. If you would like to donate, please state AIRSWIFT when clicking the button above
  • Our Angola office will be raising funds for a local charity named Centro Nacional de Oncologia


Fundraising Target - $10,000 USD
Event Torchbearers - Mirta Carbajal, Emma Roberts, Lauren Koch, 
Priscila Ribeiro and Rafaela Rubira

Donate to Hope Lodge Houston
Donate to Canadian Cancer Society


  • Team USA will be raising money for Hope Lodge Houston, a no-cost, high quality residential facility for cancer patients travelling to the Houston area for treatment. Join us for a dance-a-thon, which we've coined "DJ For Life", on the 4th of October in Houston, Texas. 
  • Houston have also planned a chili cook off, a cookie sale, Yoga For Life and a Halloween costume competition. They have also designed a range of hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts for sale, with profits going to Hope Lodge Houston
  • Calgary have planned a game of indoor beach volleyball to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society
  • Team Rio de Janeiro will take part in a fundraising hike around Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas for a local cancer charity in Brazil


Fundraising Target - $10,000 USD
Event Torchbearers - Iris Lee, Noor Amelia, Ruby Stephen, Hetty Ruata, Pearl Lee, Rebecca Houghton, Zoe Brookes, Mel Braganza, 
Zoe Brookes, Mel Braganza and Jessie Lai

Donate to Malaysia Cancer Society
Donate to Cancer Council Australia
Donate to Matt's Singapore Tour
Donate to Singapore Cancer Society
Donate to Zoe's Sober Spring
Donate to New Hope Chinese Cancer Care


  • Employees in Papua New Guinea, Singapore, China, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia will be fundraising for a range of charities
  • In Papua New Guinea, our team have held a bake sale, mini breakfast event and a Pink Ribbon lunch - all for the PNG Cancer Foundation
  • In Perth, Zoe Brookes will be will be undertaking "Sober Spring" and abstaining from alcohol for 12 weeks 
  • Our Australia offices will be supporting Cancer Council Australia by collectively running/walking 100km in just 2 hours and holding a series of mini events. 
  • In Singapore, Recruitment Director Matt Wolstenholme has entered the 2XU Singapore Half Marathon and will run the length (50 km) and width (27 km) of Singapore while trainingHe has set himself a challenge to raise $500 SGD during his 'Singapore Tour', which he will match, for the Singapore Cancer Foundation
  • Our China team will be supporting New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation by collectively running, walking or cycling around Xingong Lake (10km) and holding Dry November and a Movember moustache challenge


Fundraising Target - $7,000 USD
Event Torchbearers - Maria Shchennikova, Fazila Askerova, Rafi Mahmudov and Aigerim Sultan

Donate to Podari Zhizn


  • Employees in Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan will be raising money for a variety of local charities
  • Our Russia office are holding a bake sale and attending the Winners Games, a sports event for children being treated for cancer organised by Podari Zhizn, a Russian charity that helps children, adolescents and young adults suffering from various forms of cancer. 
  • Team Azerbaijan have planned a biking event and will be donating a water tank to an institution in Shamakhi city for people who are mentally and physically disabled.
  • Team Georgia will be visiting cancer patients and providing medication, gifts and healthy grocery products